How old do I need to be?

For tattooing the legal age is 18 years old with photographic ID, no exceptions.

You can be pierced at 16 years old if you have photographic ID with the exception of nipple piercings which is 18 only. All age restrictions are at the decision of our staff, if they feel it inappropriate for an individual to have the piercing done for any reason they may decide not to carry out the procedure.

Piercing ages are as follows:

Ear lobes – 10 years old (with consultation and parent present)

Other ear piercings – 14 years old (with parent present)

Facial piercings – 15 

Navel and tongue – 16 

Nipple piercings – 18 years old


Can my parent consent for me?

For tattoos and nipple piercings no, you must be 18 years old and have photographic ID to prove this and a parent cannot sign the consent forms for you.

For piercing to sign for yourself you must be 16 years  old with photographic ID. 

For minors with a parent/guardian signing the consent form you must be the age (as stated above) and we would require some form of ID from both client and parent/guardian to sign the forms to prove they are your legal guardian. 


What forms of ID do you accept?

Legal ID such as a passport, drivers licence, or any ID with the PASS logo on. Student cards, bank cards photographs of ID or notes from parents are not accepted. 

Parents consenting for a child under 16 will need to bring proof that they are a legal guardian (Birth certificate is ideal) as well as Photographic ID for both the parent and the piercee. 

This policy is non negotiable. 


How much does  [_________] cost ?

Tattoos are based on our artist’s hourly rate which varies depending on who you book with.  For more information please book in for a consultation.

Piercing charges are between £20-£50 however you pay for your jewellery on top of that and it varies depending on what you choose as we have hundreds of options to choose from!


Do I need to book an appointment or do you do walk ins?

We definitely recommend booking in advance as we can be fairly busy and can’t guarantee we have Unfortunately we can’t book online but you can book by giving us a call on 01743 343330 during our opening hours for consultation or piercing appointments, tattoo appointments must be booked in person as a deposit is required for each booking.


Do I need to prepare for my appointment?

We recommend making sure you’ve eaten before your appointment and have some water or a snack with you for afterwards. Comfortable clothes are also a great idea and anything to make your experience as relaxing as possible. 


Can my friend/family member come with me?

Please note that for tattoo appointments only one person is allowed into the procedure room due to ensure that we maintain a calm environment for all our clients. 

Piercing procedures are for piercer and client only and unfortunately we cannot allow spectators, any company will be asked to take a seat in our waiting area.

Babies and small children aren’t allowed in the studio due to any potential hazards so please make sure you have any childcare arranged prior to your appointment. Please be considerate of other customers and our staff if you bring anyone with you for your appointment.


I’m concerned about my [tattoo/piercing] can you help?

We want to see happy healed tattoos and piercings so we will always offer advice when we can however this can be difficult online without seeing you in person. The best option is to call and book in to see a member of staff or pop in and see if anyone is available for advice.


Is your studio wheelchair accessible?

It is indeed! We recommend for appointments to call and inform us in advance so we can ensure a procedure room is available downstairs however the main shop floor is all on the ground level.



Frequently Asked Questions - Tattoo:



How long is the wait list for appointments?
The wait list varies depending on the artist you choose to book with, the length of the session you would require and the days you are available. The best option is to give us a call on 01743 343330 and we can see what we can find for you.


When will I see my design?

Designs are usually drawn around a week before the appointment once a deposit has been paid. No tattoos will be done until you are 100% happy with your design and any changes can be made for you so please don’t worry! If you have any questions or changes you would like to make feel free to get in touch.


Frequently Asked Questions - Piercing:



What jewellery do you use?

We only use implant grade jewellery either in ASTM F136 titanium or solid 14 or 18k gold. Most of our jewellery is supplied by Neometal, BVLA, Body Gems, Anatometal and Industrial Strength however we have a collection of jewellery from all over the world for you to choose from.

Do you use a piercing gun?

The “gun” is actually a rather old fashioned method of piercing and causes a lot of problems so we never have or never will use guns. Our body piercers are members of the United Kindom Association Of Professional Piercers (UKAPP) which means they strive for safety and the highest quality procedures they can give you.


Do you pierce children?

Our minimum age for ear piercing is 10 years old based on a consultation, the appointment is at the discretion of our staff member on the day.

Can I bring my own jewellery in for fitting/new piercing?

We will not pierce using jewellery from elsewhere as we can’t guarantee what it is made of and if it meets our minimum safety standards, but we have a huge range of jewellery suitable for all styles and budgets.


Can I order jewellery online?

We can custom order any jewellery and post it out to you or it can be collected in store. A deposit is required however if you send an email to enquiries@adorn-studio.co.uk and let us know what items you are after we can discuss this with you further.