The Adorn guide to your piercing:



Here at Adorn, our body piercings are always performed in a clean environment with brand new jewellery and needles and sterilised equipment by a skilled, knowledgeable professional piercer.


When you leave the studio however, the responsibility for the care of your piercing rests with you. 


With all new piercings, the most crucial time to give attention to aftercare is the first month but your piercing will heal best if you continue to care for it the minimum times we suggest.

All Piercings:

- Don’t touch, play, twist or turn

- Wash hands before cleaning

- 2-3 times daily soak with sterile saline solution for 5 minutes, then wipe away any debris gently with non-woven gauze, kitchen roll or cotton buds

- Rinse piercing well in the shower, dry thoroughly afterwards with clean kitchen roll

- Keep piercing clean and dry at all times, avoid tight clothing, irritation and sleeping on the piercing

- If you have been advised to have a downsize don’t forget about it! It is important for the long term success of your piercing

- Please avoid applying chemicals or anything other than saline to the piercing

- Avoid make up, beauty products, and other cosmetics around the piercing site


Jewellery Maintenance

- We make every effort to ensure your jewellery is fastened tightly, but you must take care to keep it that way. Your piercer will give you information on how your jewellery works and it is important to try and remember this just in case. Occasionally you can check the ends are tight with clean hands, or even better - disposable gloves


Extra Piercing Specific Notes:



- Cover with a plaster - 12 hours on (e.g at night) and 12 hours off for 4-6 weeks

- Clean just twice daily, remembering to carefully dry under the disk tops

- No baths for 2 weeks, and no perfumed soaps or body products


Intimate Piercings

- No baths for 2 weeks

- No perfumed soaps or body products

- Wear appropriate clothing - e.g no lace on the area and wear loose fitting clothing 

-Healing times vary - please ask your piercer for more details


Nose Piercings:


- Inside the nose requires slightly less care than the outside - don’t over do it!


Navel Piercings:

- Keeping this area clean and dry is essential

- Take extra care during vigorous exercise or contact sports


Oral piercings:


-Use alcohol-free mouth wash diluted half with water after meals and smoking, rinse with water after snacking, and drinking anything that isn't water

-Good oral hygiene is essential

- Avoid sucking ice or using straws: sip cold drinks or hold ice on the area

-Avoid spicy and salty foods



Dirty hands are the most common way that irritants and infectious agents are introduced to a fresh piercing, so if you aren’t cleaning your piercing then keep your hands off it!​


When your body is trying to heal a new piercing it needs you to take care of yourself. A healthy diet, regular sleep and moderation with alcoholic beverages during healing can make a great difference.


At Adorn we give detailed aftercare at the time of your piercing both verbally and in writing and we are always available to give advice before, during and after your piercing. If you have any concerns at any time during the healing period, please pay us a visit as we are always happy to help and provide expert advice for all piercings.