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Our Jewellery

At Adorn we use only the highest quality body jewellery in the world. We source our jewellery from companies such as BVLA, Anatometal, LeRoi, Industrial Strength and more!


Our titanium jewellery implant Grade ASTM F136, it is the same material that is often used for medical implants and is designed for long term wear in the body.

We also use Solid 14k or 18k gold, these options can be custom made with any genuine stones and in a wide range of styles.

Our jewellery is polished to a mirror finish to ensure the best possible healing, all gems are set using no glues or plastics to give a life time guarantee against discoloring.



We are a UKAPP registered studio

The UKAPP is a non-profit organisation dedicated to spreading knowledge of safe piercing practices, up to date education for both industry professionals and the public.By being a member our piercers have been able to attend conferences to further their knowledge and learn from piercers world wide to bring the very best service and information back to our clients

Our studio follows strict UKAPP guidelines such as:

Never using piercing guns

Our piercers being first aid and CPR certified and also have up to date blood borne pathogen training

All equipment is regularly tested