A busy week at Adorn

October 1, 2014

It’s been a rather busy week for the Adorn team!


We have had a new artist (Josh Watson) join us - Anna has also had a piece of her artwork exhibited in a gallery in London - plus finally; Anna, Aiden and Josh Taylor all attended the London Tattoo Convention...


There's no better way to show you what's been happening with the Adorn team of course, than demonstrating it through pictures!


Anna next to her shiny snail painting at the Atomica Art Gallery, London...

Anna’s piece was exhibited next to one of her favourite artists Chris Guest. ..


Part of the Adorn team (Anna, Aiden, Josh Taylor and little Lishy) outside the London International Tattoo Convention...


Anna enjoying the sea of poppies outside the Tower of London...


Josh Watson has had the tattoos he completed whilst here for his guest spot, exhibited in Skin Shots magazine. Well done Josh!


Josh Taylor finished this watercolour piece...


Aiden also received this 3 week healed photo of David Howard’s deathly hallows scar. Its healing great!

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