Lots of updates this week!

February 22, 2015

So much has been going on at Adorn lately! As well as all of our usual tattooing and piercing news, we have updates about all the parts of the shop which you don't normally get to see or hear about.


We have been using UV powder to help us ensure we are operating at the best possible hygiene. UV powder highlights area of cross contamination in our work areas. We are pleased to inform you that all of our staff members passed with flying colours - hooray!


We have been re-organising our sterilisation room to make the most of the space and equipment that we have to offer. We operate a 7 stage sterilisation procedure at Adorn. This ensures the safety of our clients and staff.


We have also upgraded our autoclave system to bring the best to Shropshire! This is above and beyond what is asked of us legally but we feel it is vital to stay current with this important part of the tattoo and piercing procedure.



The more eagle eyed of you will have noticed that we now have a Shop section on the website. We have a small range of merchandise and jewellery currently available via this channel and we will be expanding this over the coming months. Go take a look and see if anything takes your fancy!



Anna will be working away from Adorn soon! She will be guesting at True Colours in Preston. If you are in the area and would like to get some work done by Anna then either get in touch with True Colours or Adorn ourselves.



Adorn's amazing apprentice Rachelle Downs Birthday was a couple of weeks ago, so our team bought her, her first tattoo machine. She soon put it to use and carried out her first (and second) tattoo on a genuine human being last week! All under the supervision of her mentor Anna.


She tattooed a Deaths Head Moth and a set of Snowboard Googles and Hat. The Snowboarding themed piece is still a work in progress but was her first go at colour. Rach has put a lot of hard work in to get this far and everyone at Adorn would like to congratulate her on her progress!





Josh Taylor has been working on a lot of large pieces lately. He finished a bird and rose piece - plus a Polynesian inspired half sleeve. We thought we would show you some work in progress shots so that those of who don't yet have a tattoo or are just interested in how tattoos come together can see the process. We will keep you updated with all of these pieces as they continue through to completion. Josh has also gotten himself a new machine that he is very proud of too…






Jay will be working at the Manchester International tattoo Convention next weekend (28/02/15-01/03/15). If you’re in Manchester then head over to the show and give Jay some support. In store he has been working on a few Mandala based sleeves; again, we will keep you up to date as these progress. He has also managed to get some healed shots of some of his dot work portraits to show just how fine the dots heal!







Chelsea has been off on her Holidays this week. She went to Bonnie Scotland and all we got was a fridge magnet! Ah we're only joking, we love fridge magnets!



Aiden has been covering for Chelsea this week and has been up to his usual tricks. Premium jewellery upgrades have been going on all week long with Gorilla Glass tunnels and plugs, neometal trinities and faux-pals and Trust microdermals… Aiden has also helped out a customer; getting them something which they were told by other piercers that they couldn't have. The customer was told they couldn't have an industrial/scaffold piercing, so Aiden custom bent a bar for him and pierced a faux industrial/scaffold!








For our final word this week, Aiden would like to give everyone a warning. He has been removing a lot of low quality, badly designed jewellery from people lately. The picture below shows that one ear had swollen so much it had become bruised and engulfed the jewellery. Aiden had to make a small cut to get this piece out and then replaced it with a quality implant grade Titanium Labret stud so that it would heal.


Make sure that when you get a piercing you use a professional piercer with quality body jewellery of the correct design.



Thanks for reading as always everyone!

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