Super busy at Adorn!!

April 4, 2015


It's been a super busy couple of weeks at Adorn! The sun is starting to shine again and the people of Shropshire are getting colourful and sparkly for sure!


It's now only 2 weeks until Fiona Lewitt is back at Adorn as guest artist! She will be with us from the 16th to the 25th of April. For those of you who are interested in getting work completed by her, make sure you get booked in ASAP as there aren't many slots left.




Adorn has absolutely smashed the latest issue of Skin Shots. All of our tattoo artists have had their work published and each of them has a full page to themselves. Well done guys! Make sure that you go and pick up a copy and take a look at what they have all been doing.




Anna has been work hard at Adorn as well as her guest spot up at True Colours in Preston. She has produced some beautiful tattoos including a watercolour beetle, a moth, a line work arrow, an underboob tattoo and some text as well…








Anna would also like to make a special mention about cover-ups. She has been seeing a lot of cover ups lately that just don't cover the old piece or just aren't aesthetically pleasing.  She would like to show you what can be done with cover-ups, so take a look at these beauties!





Josh Taylor has been working hard to finish off a lot of pieces lately. He has been working in photo-realism in both colour, plus black and grey. He has tattooed a green man, an eye, a medusa, a tank girl inspired piece (on Aiden!), and a beautiful red rose too. 










Josh also managed to get some healed shots of his full colour tree frog and his black and grey pirate wench!





Jay Watson has been going dot crazy again. His unmistakable dot-work portraits are looking really great. Lately he has tattooed an Indiana Jones piece, a shark and a Star lord piece. For Friday the 13th of March Jay decided to do a Treehouse of Horrors range of special tattoos. It was certainly great fun!







Watson has also been having some doodly fun and just wanted to show everyone a Spiderman piece that he is loving to draw at the moment.




Anna's amazing apprentice Rach is getting a fair few tattoos under her belt now which is great to witness. This week she tattooed some flowers and a bumble bee on her Mummy!




Our piercing team have been busy as always. Chelsea has been providing a wide range of piercings. Here is a a helix, a rook, snug, nose and tongue that she pierced.








Chelsea would like to make a special mention to the young lady pictured below. She came in to get her ear lobes pierced and was very nervous. She brought her cuddly toy for moral support but didn't need it in the end as Chelsea put her at ease. Well done for being brave!




Aiden has been playing with our Neometal stock again and is slowly making Shrewsbury super sparkly! He has also stretched Jordan’s tongue up to the next size of 3.2mm. It won't be long until Jordan is at his goal size of 5mm!







Aiden has also been creating scars of course! He made a daisy scar on the hip that was then ink rubbed to stain the scar black. He created a Nepali tribal inspired scar on the upper arm and a facial scar!







That's all for this edition of the Adorn blog. Have a happy Easter everyone!




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