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June 26, 2015

So it’s been quite a while since our last update but the Adorn team have been super busy yet again - so we have loads of fun updates for you all!


Summer is here and everyone’s been on their travels but we’re all back now and ready to take on Shropshire! 

Anna and Rach have been away working in Germany at the Dortmund Tattoo Show, Jay has been doing a guest spot in Germany and at the same time Aiden has been in Vegas at the APP convention. Meanwhile we’ve had guest artist Mariusz Kaczmarek working with us creating some great work…




Recently at Adorn, Anna has been working on some excellent work in her beautiful watercolour style with lots of animals including elephants, squirrels and hummingbirds. As well as this she’s also done some wonderful work on the ribs which flows beautifully with the shape of the body - and a sketchy style Alice In Wonderland piece on a thigh.




Josh Taylor has been working on some really cool film portraits with this Davey Jones piece,  a joker piece - and the mask on our very own Jay Watson too. As well as these, Josh has been working on a great lotus piece and continuing work on a sleeve in progress.




Jay Watson has also been working on some more film based portraits. He’s done this Ironman and Deadpool piece as well as a colourful dotwork Thanos piece. He’s also been continuing a fun Star Wars themed sleeve which is shaping up nicely! Jay has been nominated for the Skin Deep Tattoo industry award in the best newcomer category! Congratulations Jay we all wish you the best of luck!




Whilst Mariusz has been with us, he’s created some beautiful work on the people of Shropshire. He’s done these All Seeing Eye and vegan pieces of work in his original style, as well as some realistic work of this wolf backpiece and Heisenberg portrait - plus a wonderful dotwork mandala. It’s been great having Mariusz with us and we look forward to seeing him again in the future.




Piercings wise, Chelsea has been super busy with lots of cartilage piercings and a lovely septum piercing as well as some great work with our Neometal jewellery in initial piercings and healed. She’s used a genuine tigers eye for this initial conch piercing and a prong set cubic zirconia in an initial nose piercing then lots of jewellery upgrades, one being this peacock opal nose.




Aiden's been away in vegas and he's bought back loads of shiny things ready for homes! This Industrial Strength septum clicker didn't manage to make it back to the UK before it got snapped up but Aiden brought back loads of other goodies including this gorgeous white and blue opal flower in a new tragus piercing and was the first Industrial Strength piece in Shropshire! As well as this he's done an unusual custom bent scaffolding bar. This client wanted a bar for her initial piercings however it was not pierced at the correct angle so we worked around this and created this piece for her. Here at Adorn we always do our best to work around any issues and give the client what they want.




Thank you to all of our wonderful clients and good luck to anyone doing exams over the next couple of weeks!




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