Fiona's on the way!

July 4, 2015

The sun is shining in beautiful Shrewsbury but the team at adorn have still been working super hard to adorn everyone with some great work.


Firstly, we’re very happy to announce news of our next guest artist Fiona Hambleton! She will be working with us from the 13th - 15th July so book fast to get your appointment with her!


Currently working in South Birmingham at Karma Collective. Fiona prefers to tattoo in a traditional style with bright bold colours and fun subjects, however she is happy to tattoo a variety of styles to suit the customer’s request.









Anna’s been working on some great cover ups such as this gorgeous rose… Such a great idea to get any old tattoos that you’re not happy with turned into something beautiful - and that you can be proud to show off this summer. As well as this she’s done a beautiful watercolour style microphone with some great colours in it. A lovely client also brought her some Lillys as a thank you for her work. We love seeing clients happy!







Josh Taylor has been enjoying some more film portraits with this pineapple express piece on Jay. He’s also done some realistic style animals like this cheetah - and a falcon piece as well as his excellent black and grey pocket watch and a stone angel piece too.








Jay got to hurt Aiden this week! He’s done a wonderful piece on his palm, ouch! He got a great picture of his healed Indiana Jones piece, as well as this finished Hulk. He’s also started a Jurassic park piece ready to be finished at tattoo Jam which he’s really excited about. Another piece he’s excited about as well is this Twin Peaks design which needs a home (hint hint)!







Rach has been  working on some great solid lines on Jay and also has some great work lined up for the future which we’re all looking forward to seeing!




Chelsea has done some more neometal work with some beautiful jewellery upgrades in a conch and a great little project on this ladies ear with a genuine turquoise cabochon in the centre of these anodised titanium labret studs. Also a fresh daith piercing using a horseshoe style ring - and a great photo of a perfectly healed septum that popped back in this week.







Aiden’s been loving Industrial Strength and got to pierce this ladies navel with this incredibly shiny piece. She’s been wanting this done for 20 years and now she’s finally happy to show off her belly with this lovely piece of jewellery. He also pierced this septum using a blue opal disc by unbreakable as well as these two pieces by unbreakable in daith piercings. Also exciting news, we’ve recently had our first delivery from BVLA, some beautiful jewellery in white, yellow and rose gold, including these two custom orders for our wonderful clients.

Remember that at Adorn, we are here to give you the best quality jewellery custom for you.








We hope everyone is having a great summer so far and that no one’s melted in the heat already. We hope to see you soon!




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