It's Halloween time!

October 28, 2015

As usual it’s been a busy few weeks here for us all, and there are lots of announcements and updates to keep you all entertained! We’ve had Fiona Hambleton working with us as our guest artist recently whilst Josh Taylor has been away, so take a look!



Firstly we have the lovely Hannah Bough working with us piercing Tuesday to Thursday whilst Chelsea is taking a well-deserved break. Hannah has lots of ideas to make you all fancy so pop in and see her or call us to book an appointment with her while she’s here!


This week, Anna has been doing some incredible watercolour tattoos such as this butterfly, and large scale jellyfish which are both absolutely stunning! She also got some time to work on a sleeve featuring some bird skulls and flowers. 


The adorn team will all be attending the East Coast Tattoo Expo on November 14th and 15th which Anna has drawn some amazing designs for. If you’re attending and would like some work done by any of our artists then have a chat with one of us to book in for the weekend!







Josh has been away at a guest spot at Real Art Tattoo and has been working hard learning new techniques. While he was there he did these pocket watch pieces and an amazing wolf all in black and grey. Also at Adorn, he did some work on an apocalypse leg piece as well as an angels and demons themed sleeve, and continuation on a kraken tattoo on a chest.







Rach has been super busy getting all colourful! She’s recently done this full colour pomegranate and vintage style lamp, both designs that she’d wanted to do for a while and managed to find a happy home! She did a little paisley pattern using some more beautiful colours - and a hamsa hand as well as getting a great healed shot of a mandala she did a few weeks ago which healed great!







We’ve had Fiona Hambleton with us this last week who’s done some great work. She did some small script work and an infinity symbol, as well as an arrow, a bold deathly hallows symbol, and a colourful clam piece. Again it was lovely having her with us!







The piercing team have yet again been busy making people sparkly! Chelsea did some more work on a regular client who (like many of us) is going opal crazy! She added a beautiful Industrial strength magenta and teal opal flower to her existing piecings as well as an extra forward helix using a capri blue opal by Neometal. She also did a nose piercing using a clear gem flower by neometal again, and an industrial strength prong set bubblegum opal in a fresh navel piercing. Shrewsbury have been loving gold jewellery this week so Chelsea got to use a lovely genuine 14k rose gold heart in an initial daith, and a yellow gold pear milgrain by Body Gems in an initial nose.







Aiden has also been busy adorning clients. He used a yin yang opal piece in a daith piercing, some simple little white cat eye gems by Industrial Strength in a pair of lobes and got to use a super simple but pretty 14k yellow gold dome in a young lady’s helix piercing. He undertook some great jewellery upgrades, firstly on Fiona while she was with us, Aiden got to use a Capri blue and Sky blue opal flower by Industrial Strength in her philtrum/medusa piercing. Also a super special piece for a regular client who came to us looking for a piece that we managed to get custom made just for her, a white gold daith spade with black cubic zirconias in her nicely healed piercing. Excellent choice! 







Some of you will have seen our last blog post created by our piercing team which is your guide to safe piercing. This covers all issues from sterilisation, to jewellery, aftercare and more. If you want to know what makes the difference between a safe piercing and a potentially dangerous one give this post a read as it’s very informative!


That’s all from us! Thank you to everybody who’s been in to see us and have a great Halloween from Adorn!




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