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November 25, 2015

Hello all! The team have had a busy few weeks but we’re back to update you all on what’s been going on at Adorn.




We recently returned from the East Coast Tattoo Expo and the artists had a busy time tattooing over the weekend. We had Anna and Josh tattooing along with the lovely Fiona Lewitt and they all got some beautiful pieces done. Anna worked on Aiden’s palm, and also did a tattoo of one of her Alice in Wonderland prints that she did a few years back. Josh worked on a Poseidon piece, and a colourful feather - and Fiona did a little jewelled moon and a Mad Hatters hat. It was a great weekend altogether!







Before we headed off to the convention we had Hannah Bough working with us doing some lovely piercings on the people of Shrewsbury. She did a lobe piercing using a black trinity end by neometal and a helix piercing using a mint green trinity end, then a beautiful tragus piercing using a prong set black cat eye gem by industrial strength. She also worked with Aiden to install a honeycomb ring by Buddha Jewellery Organics to go with her existing ear piercings all done by our piercing team and upgraded to match her bee theme with a  rose gold anodised flower by anatometal and a genuine 14k rose gold bee by body gems. A lovely set up! Aiden then got to upgrade Hannah’s ear to a stunning anatometal bar with interchangeable sections so she can customise it whenever she wants! It was lovely getting to work with Hannah while she was here…







Back in the studio, Anna did some beautiful tree silhouettes wrapping around a forearm, a sleepy little fox, and a gorgeous octopus on a young ladies foot which all look stunning!






Josh started working on a full colour robot piece which will eventually be extended in the future, he also did some more work on ongoing large pieces like this black and grey sleeve, and a tiger piece on an upper arm. He got a nice close up shot of a black and grey rose he did recently too. Looking good!






Rach has also been working hard and got the chance to start on a tattoo of one of her prints of a cat from a while ago which will be an ongoing piece but it looks great already! Rach also did an adorable cat in a teacup along with a bouquet of flowers, a beautiful mandala, and a colourful butterfly on a wonderful lady who had it as her first tattoo at the age of 64!







Chelsea has been super busy making people fancy! She had a regular client add to her existing piercings and decided to go matchy with a turquoise and rose gold set up with a body gems 14k rose gold turquoise cabochon in a rook, and a simple rose gold dome in her tragus, then a neometal turquoise cabochon anodised to match. She also got to use an industrial strength clear CZ odyssey clicker in an initial daith piercing which looks so sparkly! She then did a lovely triple helix piercing using all neometal capri blue opals, and also a simple but beautiful anatometal 18k yellow gold moon in a helix piercing. Some good work!






Aiden got to do a custom Industrial Strength 3 point scaffold with a dangling white opal which sits perfectly in this girl’s ear! Also using Industrial strength he added a microdermal to a healed one on a ladies arm using a bubblegum pink opal flower to make it a little different. He then used a stunning anatometal cluster in a helix and added a few new pieces of neometal jewellery to create a lovely set up in this ear. Aiden then got to use some stunning pieces of BVLA jewellery in some piercing upgrades. First he added some rose gold pieces to an existing clients ear using the Mini Kandys in rose gold with smokey quartz gems, and also a rose gold Paloma flower with a purple CZ in the center. He then got to upgrade Katie's healed high nostrils to some stunning  Mini Toltecs with rainbow moonstone and purple CZs set in Rose gold to match up to her rose gold moon in her forehead and rose gold pear milgrain in her philtrum. All beautiful quality!







If you saw our last blog post you will have seen that Adorn, along with our neighbouring shops, are participating in a food drive to collect food for people that really need it this time of year. Each of us will be accepting donations up until the 21st December so pop in if you'd like to help – a list of high demand items has been featured on the previous blogpost so please take a look!




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