"The Moment"

May 7, 2016

The experience of tattooing someone, and being tattooed is (and should be) a special one. Although the sacred rites of times of old have been washed away by the day to day of modern tattoo, a little bit of it remains somewhere deep inside us as humans.


The act of making a tattoo is a trial for us both- artist and client. As an artist, it is many hours of preparation, study, concentration and pressure to adorn somebody’s skin as precisely and beautifully as possible. Years of graft, love and learning are applied with care. For the client- trust, choice, and yes, pain and dedication are all distilled into that moment when the needle hits the skin. Often emotions are acknowledged; the mind and body connect in that moment- and the beautiful mark remains to travel with that person through the rest of their days. Sometimes, during the tattoo, “the moment” happens.


 When the client is enduring a challengingly painful spot, I find myself slowing my breathing and clearing my mind as if it were me on the other side of the needle. When that person reaches that place too- “finding their zen” as we affectionately call it…magic happens. Time stops. We are connected. We exist as a team in that moment. I have your trust and care and you have mine. It doesn’t always last long, but those moments are priceless and magical. The change is more than skin deep. It is a change of strength of mind, a physical/mental relationship. 


We are all capable of amazing things- sometimes so fleeting and microscopic that in the busy world they would pass us by. Suspending time and disbelief but for a moment is where the real magic in this world happens. So take a deep breath, be proud- proud to enjoy the tiny fragments that make up the big picture.




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