Emily's reflection

May 28, 2016

In the short time I have worked at Adorn, I have come to be a part of something that feels very special. Working to support the people who give their all to make someone’s day… You get a peek into humanity itself.


There is something very intimate in what happens here in the studio - and being privy to it is an honour. Clients come from all walks of life, all ages, and all situations. Nerves have this strange effect on people - the most personal information and feelings begin to tumble out with no provocation whatsoever.


You can go from somebody enquiring about a tattoo for a loved one who has passed away, to the next person wanting a cover up ready for their wedding. Those who want a beautiful piece of jewellery to brighten their day, or to feel youthful, or just more themselves. You share in their grief and you share in their excitement, hopefulness and happiness…


There are a few minutes, after a client comes out of the piercing room, or after their tattoo is finished, where there is an expression of pride, of serenity and completeness on their face. I know that feeling too - overcoming those nerves, pushing through pain and knowing that the trust you placed was well deserved. 


Seeing that expression is the best part of the job, feeling that the services we offer make such a big difference - no matter who you are!


Emily Cronshaw




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