January Update: New beginnings and The Great Flood of 2017!

February 4, 2017



Gorgeous new Shop signage on our new premises at 19 Mardol.


They say that in the story of Noah, God sent the great flood to cleanse humanity, to wipe the slate clean so to speak. January 2017 has definitely been a month of new beginnings for us here at Adorn, though we never expected it to be so literal!


Some of our regular customers may have noticed over the past few months we had been preparing to move premises from dear old Grope Lane to a much larger premises on Mardol. Though there were many delays, we finally got the keys to our new place in late December of last year - and work began immediately. The Adorn team and many of our friends and family worked tirelessly over the festive period to transform an old beauty salon into a wonderful new hub for body art. Floors were laid, ceilings were clad, walls were erected and demolished, and the brand new Adorn Body Art Gallery emerged from its plaster-dusty chrysalis on Saturday the 14th of January. The first day of opening was fantastically busy, the new reception was full of excited clients who had patiently waited for work to be completed on the new building. To our lovely and loyal customers we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your patience during that period.




Work being carried out on the tattoo room and piercing rooms over Christmas and New Year.


On the subject of new beginnings, we have recently welcomed some new members of staff to fill our new and bigger shop. Lolly joined us in September of last year as a body piercer and also as Anna’s new tattoo apprentice. We also welcomed Fran Bailey at the beginning of 2017, a very talented and colourful established tattoo artist, to join our growing team. Look out for more about them and our recent guest spots in future blogs!


And so onto recent events; Fast forward to Tuesday 24th of January. Barely two weeks into our new shop routine, we had just about got things working like the well-oiled Adorn machine. We were relatively quiet that day, we had a couple of customers waiting in reception for tattoo and piercing appointments. The central heating had been giving us a few issues since we moved in so Aiden was with the boiler on the 2nd floor taking a look.  All of a sudden the members of staff and customers on the ground floor heard a large bang and a very loud sound of gushing water, followed by some fruity language from Aiden. We later discovered a valve had blew off the bolier and hit Aiden square in the face, (Don’t worry, his BVLA facial jewellery was unharmed!)  and, since it was linked to the mains water supply, proceeded to empty water all over the floor at an alarming rate. While we rushed about to find vessels to hold the the unstoppable flow of water, the flow was too much and the water began to pour down our lovely spiral staircase like a waterfall. It was at that point we told the bewildered waiting customers that perhaps they wouldn’t mind coming back another time – as it seemed we were having a bit of a crisis!


Customers safely evacuated, it became evident that the water stop tap for the building could not be located, and by this point Chelsea, Aiden, and Katie were soaked to the skin trying to catch the flowing water with whatever they could find. Water was beginning to pour through light fittings and through the ceiling itself. We quickly turned off the power and Anna - who was stood outside on the phone to Severn Trent Water  – began to see water flow down the insides of the windows like some sort of bizarre water feature. Lolly and Fiona – who was our guest artist that week, were running around downstairs catching leaks with bins, tubs, plant pots, and anything they could find while also unplugging electricals and moving all objects out of the path of destruction.  Aiden was running around shirtless and soaked like some scene from a rom com. In the end we were advised by Severn Trent to force open the manhole cover on the pavement outside to locate a tap that would shut off the water. By then the damage was irreversible, and we had our own private swimming pool in the piercing room. 



The Adorn team’s clothes drying on the spiral staircase.


Special mention must go to the wonderful guys at Bodytech Gym, our next door neighbours, who helped us dry and clear up the mess left after the little storm. To all the bewildered passers-by during the incident: we don’t know what you must have thought of us running around looking like members of ‘KISS’ after a trip to the water park (RIP our mascara) To our understanding customers we’ve had to move this week, we love you and thank you for standing by us in this frustrating time. It’s hard to watch all the hard work you’ve done get covered with water, but we are thankfully fully insured and we now know where the stop tap is. (we think!)


 It’s important to look at the positives, as we’ve been forcibly closed for a week now, a few of us have had a well needed break after the madness and stress of trying to get the new shop open, namely Anna and Aiden, who have been working  24/7 since we got the keys to the new place and a bit before that too. GO PUT YOUR FEET UP YOU CRAZY PEOPLE! You guys deserve the time off!


Aiden and Chelsea have taken this opportunity to do a bit of travelling by taking some guest spots around the country. Aiden will be visiting studios mostly ’up north’, so he has aptly named his little tour  #flatcapsandwhippets. He will be visiting: Bee Tattooed, Stockport; Holier Than Thou, Manchester; Design 4 Life, Liverpool; and Body Alter, Worksop – starting from feb 1st! For specific dates check Aiden’s Instagram posts: @aidenmustdie and get in touch with him if you live further afield and want the opportunity to be pierced by him. Chelsea’s travel dates are to be confirmed so keep watching our social media for updates.





As the tattoo room on the top floor was unaffected by the water, we were able to reopen the tattooing side of things from Wednesday the 1st February. Piercing will be a bit more delayed but once we have resolved things we will let you all know. We are looking into alternatives for the location of piercing, but we’ll keep you in the loop if we find anything. For now our lovely newly-laid floor has been ripped up to reveal the fetching clay tiles underneath, and I’m writing this while being serenaded by several industrial sized dehumidifiers, so any visitors to the shop will have to forgive our reception area looking a bit bare and humble.


Reception now with the floor ripped up - nothing like the sweet hum of dehumidifiers to serenade you throughout the working day…




So we are in progress of building our little Noah’s Ark amidst a sea of misfortune, but we are positive the skies will clear soon and the sun will shine on Adorn once again ☺


- Lolly.

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