April 25, 2017

The Springtime is upon us - and we are back in full swing at Adorn. After many weeks of disruption with our unfortunate start to the year and our adventure in the new building, we are all renovated and settled in at last. Thanks to everyone who has been in to see us in our new home, we do hope you like our new space!


Our tattooists have been busy bees indeed!


The newest artist to join the team,  Fran Bailey, is building a lovely client base and has been working on some great pieces.


Fran has been tattooing around seven years and has worked a selection of studios across the West Midlands. Hailing from Mid Wales originally, she has been living in Birmingham until recently with her boyfriend (he is also a talented man - check out Instagram @itwontfit and prepare to be amazed!) and their cat family. Fran is passionate about art, delicious vegan food (particularly flapjacks) and rescuing and loving cats in need...


Fran brings a wonderful injection of energy, fun and colour to each and every day. She has an established tattooing style of bold, bright, pop-culture themed imagery. She would love to do more work in this style, so head on over to her social media pages to take a look at her available designs. 


Or if you have ideas brewing for comic, gamer, superhero, cartoon or general geekery style tattoos, call the studio on 01743 343330 to book a free consultation with her.







Instagram: @luckymewmew / @adorn_tattoos

Facebook: www.facebook.com/franbaileyart





We know it is not always the norm for tattoo studios to work on a consultation basis - but at Adorn, we never follow the norm, we do what is best. 


Consultations are a free appointment, about 20 minutes long. The appointment is a chance to sit down, face-to-face (retro, right?) and talk through ideas with one of our artists.


We have three resident artists, and a host of regular guests who are all versatile, but have their own specialist areas too. You can either choose to book a consultation with the artist of your choice, or our knowledgeable staff can help guide you towards the right person to speak to. 


Our ethos is to take the best care we can of every client, whether it's a miniature first tattoo, or a full back piece. Every tattoo is special, and everyone deserves a quality service. As well as this, we think it is very important for you to meet your tattoo artist and build a rappor, as well as check out the quality, cleanliness and atmosphere of the space you will be going to before choosing the artist and studio that is right for you.


Our artists will discuss size, placement, styling, practical limitations and considerations - and share their creative ideas with you as well as answer any and all questions you may have about the process of getting your new tattoo. 


The appointment is totally no-obligation, but should you choose to book in (as most people do!), you will need to leave a deposit to secure your appointment. Deposits are between £50-100 depending on the size of the tattoo. 


During the consultation, the artist will explain the rest of the  booking and designing process to you - and will communicate with you before the appointment day - and ultimately create you a beautiful new tattoo!

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