The Adorn guide to your tattoo:



Our ethos at Adorn is to ensure that you get the most from your experience with us.


Before you get tattooed, we conduct a full consultation to discuss your requirements, lifestyle, and answer any questions you may have about before, during and after the procedure. As part of our responsibility to you, we want you to be well informed and make the best decisions regarding your body and how you adorn it. 


Our tattooists are trained to the highest standards in sterilisation, procedures, aftercare and design.


Professional experience and a true passion for our art form ensure you get a personal, caring and comprehensive experience every time you visit us.


We want you to be in the know about how best to fulfil your duty as tattooee!


From day one…


Leave the dressing on for a minimum of three hours. After you have removed the dressing, wash the area with warm water and allow to dry. With clean hands, gently apply a thin layer of hustle butter cream (available in store) or any product recommended by your artist.


Initial healing…


Wash your hands and sparingly apply the recommended cream two to three times each day, being careful not to lift any scabs off the tattoo.

If possible try to wash the area between applications with clean warm water and a very gentle soap (no perfumes, colours or harsh ingredients)


Your tattoo will itch as it heals, this is a normal occurrence, but you must not pick, scratch or rub it! Scabs will form as the tattoo heals, they will fall off in their own time and be replaced with a delicate layer of new skin.


Until this stage, you must avoid swimming, sunbeds/sun exposure, soaking in the bath, and coloured and perfumed products.  Be aware of the clothing that you wear during the healing period as clothes can rub.




Once the new skin has formed, it is important that you keep the skin moisturised to help it heal fully.


A gentle product with no perfume or colour is best. With this care, the skin should fully repair itself quickly. To preserve the life of your new tattoo and skin, it is important that you use a high factor sun protection whenever it is exposed to the sun.


Here at Adorn, our tattoos are always performed in a clean environment with brand new needles and single use or fully sterilised equipment by a skilled, knowledgeable professional artist.  When you leave the studio however, the responsibility for the care of your new tattoo rests with you.


The most crucial time to give attention to aftercare is the first two weeks but your tattoo will heal best if you continue to care for it after the initial healing period. 


Your artist may advise booking in for a touch up once your tattoo has fully healed, if this is the case please email them first or call the studio to book in a consultation so that your artist can see what extra work is necessary.

If you have any questions or concerns at any time during the healing period, please pay us a visit, as we are always happy to help and provide expert advice throughout the healing period.